Friday, September 30, 2011

~Autumn winds bring wishes.

Autumn winds bring wishes on their coat tails
like things we wish to know
they bring things that we are unsure of
and things that make us grow.

How swift these winds from Canada blow
down here in our southern pines
bringing with them whispers of things to be
like unsolved mysteries lingering in old book spines.

The winds say "I was never good at anything."
"I never promised fast nor slow."
"I just bring changes and freshness."
"I bring what you don't know."

And so these autumn winds bring wishes on their coat tails
Some you may want but never know
Oh you autumn winds you bring new things to me
things I've never known.

~Emily Edmonson 2011

~ My girl.

This is my sweet sweet girl. She is getting so big so fast! She is a total spit-fire and I adore her, she is my life. Here are some gorgeous photos that her Mimi took of her!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

~ Photo love.

Here are a few more of my photographs. I love love love taking pictures and spending time looking at amazing stuff and finding interesting things!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

~ Just a few,

Just a few of my photographs taken at my in-laws farm house here in Locust Grove. They are one of the only houses on the street and you can see nothing but fields for miles and miles. We pick pears from their pear trees and watch the trains go by multiple times a day because they are right next to the train tracks as well. It's their own personal slice of heaven on earth!

~ I am the witch from the wood.

I am the witch from the wood
come to stand out in the rain
cleanse my self from all the sins that have stuck to me like dirt and grime.

I am the woman from the wood
come to dance on this tabletop of rock
leave all my shackles at my feet and let the freedom pour in.

I am the mother from the wood.
come to nurture myself in the water
let my body be healed by the mother of all who is Earth.

I am the child from the wood.
come to stand in awe of all that is beautiful and amazing
to let myself breathe utter and complete freedom.

~Emily Edmonson 2011

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